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1"Restaurant Kornat announces rhapsody slow food specialties of top chefs Braco Sanjin and Hrvoje Zirojević"
On Friday, 20 March, in the restaurant Kornat you will get a real gastronomic festival, an event that will certainly appeal to all lovers of culinary delights!





"Pink week in the restaurant Kornat | 01.03. until 06:03."
Pink Week is an event that announces and draws on Pink Day, the largest regional festival of rose wine, which for the third year in a row, successfully organized by the Women and wine Croatian (WOW - Women on Wine). This year will be held in Zadar in the restaurant Kornat.

Pink Week is eno gastronomic project with a humanitarian purpose - to raise funds for the Foundation Europa Donna Croatia. Europa Donna Croatia through its own campaign Let's give a pink life, encourages the prevention of breast cancer, but also raises funds for apparatus for intraoperative radiation which greatly reduces radiation patients and facilitate their recovery.

For more information on this charity project can be found on the website

Participation in Week menu pink - Pink Week - offered only to selected restaurants from all over the Croatian who design menus in the spirit of the Mediterranean diet and pink colors and offer it at a promotional price.

In every restaurant will be exposed to a little pink pig - piggy bank in which to collect contributions for the aforementioned apparatus, and the amount is prukupljen in every restaurant will be published on March 7, immediately after the end of Pink Week.
In Zadar, a little pink "Le Pig" refer to the restaurant Kornat, who during Pink Week of 19 hours each night to offer its guests two course healthy Mediterranean food, great dessert plus a glass of rose wine for the symbolic 100 per person.

Pink week begins simultaneously throughout Croatia on Sunday, March 1st at 19 pm and lasts until Friday, March 6
This humanitarian project in Croatia 28 participating restaurants and with Zadar, even in Zagreb, Velika Gorica, Murter, Split, Medjimurje, Zagorje, Sisak and Dubrovnik.


Restoran Kornat kuhar i voditeljicaThe magic combination of Macedonian - Dalmatian cuisine
One of the city's best restaurants, the restaurant Kornat again to keep pace with time and his staff are still trying to adjust demand and offer more demanding guests. So far, they certainly went to the hands, and that will be the same rhythm progress their catering services continue to end-user satisfaction, the customer showed us specially organized tasting dishes from the new menu and the restaurant last Saturday when the visitors were prepared dishes in six courses, which are also found on the new innovative menu in the famous Zadar restaurants.

With the arrival of the new chef, who is one of 30 national cuisines chef who in 2013 could be licensed in Croatia, has changed the entire menu restaurant Kornat, which as always wants to give our guests something new and completely different by copy-paste food, which generally works most of our local restaurateurs.

The creator of new delicacies that are the result of a combination of Macedonian and Croatian cuisine is the new head chef, Stefan Stevanoski, which in this area has been in existence for two months.

It is the world's award-winning chef who creatively thanks to its rich culinary experience made a brand new diet where iskombinirao his three favorite cuisine, Italian, French and Mediterranean, which are, as he says, has always been an inspiration.

- For two months I was only in the restaurant Kornat and I must admit that Zadar very well receive by innovations from our menus, although for each new story, especially when it comes to new dishes, their appearance, combining food and decoration on the plate, it takes time
to get used to her guests, said the amiable chef Stevanoski.

In his culinary creative expression he wanted to, he says, to connect two similar, but different in detail kitchen and create something new and different.

- We wanted to remain dominant taste Dalmatian and domestic, that represents everything this rich climate offers, but does not create a shift away from foods that are local people are used to. On the other hand, we wanted to inject a bit of novelty and freshness in a way to take advantage of the magic of the Macedonian cuisine and reintroduced them to the extent that improve and highlight the flavors, spices, color and healthy way of preparing food. The compound of Dalmatia and Macedonia just made it possible, and even though at first glance it seems that in many incompatible, ultimately proved to be a perfect fit, concluded Stevanoski.

New chef said that the big difference between the Macedonian and Croatian and Dalmatian cuisine.

- The Macedonian kitchen is a lot of weight, it is used a lot more seasoning, especially chilly, so it's all a lot Hotter. Everything is fried, thick and spicy, mostly because of the climate, a lot colder. But, on the other hand we, unlike you, here we use a lot more vegetables in a lot of ways, and is often found on the menu of raw vegetables that are here do not really prefers. Here are all boiled vegetables, which unfortunately loses vitamins and minerals, said the culinary connoisseur.

Restaurant manager, Sandra Petričić pointed out that the reason for the change menu raising cuisine to a new level that you are, he says, could not wait.

- Thanks to Stefan now have a new Macedonian - Dalmatian cuisine in the hands of young, ambitious and creative chief. All this will bring us, we believe, a long-awaited fresh new flavors with well-known ingredients more - less remain the same. These are the ingredients that dalmatians love to eat and recognize their quality, be it fish or meat. However, the novelty is in the presentation. Dishes will present guests in an entirely different way, from appetizers to main course to dessert, said Petričić.

Daily offer restaurant Kornat will be commonplace and standard daily menu. It will be a daily offer of something different, as Stefan made especially for the day. In this way, the people of Zadar slowly getting used to new tastes that never would have believed that a try. Every day, from Monday to Friday Kornat will offer a daily menu, fish and meat, a three-course, at a price of 60 kuna. Or if the customer wants to just the main course, can order it at the price of 30 kuna.

In addition to innovations in daily offer will follow, and themed evenings, such as, dinner chef and the like. Thus, on Saturday, February 8, head Petričić announced thematic evening Woman of wine, with the presentation of wine Jadranka Svaguša.

- We will offer our citizens and their guests something more than a restaurant as most of them were in Zadar. We will always provide additional specific program of innovative character, and this is literally on a daily basis. We will organize and evening chef and wine presentations. Every time dishes will be offered at different prices because it will not change the number and types of courses of food. The price will also vary from 100 to 150 kuna, for 5 or 6 courses. For those who do not have too much time and spend four to five hours for dinner, for them ćeKornat offer shorter programs, three-course or just the main course. All these novelties and promotion will also include our local wines. Given that the Zadar region recently progressed greatly in terms of wine would be a shame not to show or not to offer guests, but we will continue and wider offering for those still looking for something different and something more. We are very much able to present our wines and prove to people how good they are, and so far unjustly neglected. As before, we will continue to offer wines by the glass, she explained Petričić.

After everything written and consumed all up to you. The recommendation is to definitely visit, try and enjoy the magic of something new in our city.

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