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From the first day we opened "Kornat", we opened the door of our home.
And that is how we want to make our guests feel; welcome to our home.
It's a place where we meet all our dear, and where we also say goodbye, with all the best we can offer:
our love of food, the joy of life, emotions, pleasure, character, kindness, charm, our finest wines.

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With a view of all ships entering and leaving the harbor, view of the spectacle of setting sun, the sea, the sea calm,
tramontana and bura wind.
In this fast-paced life, stop a moment, returning with flavors and aromas of the most comfortable place in our hearts.
And that's why we're here for over a decade. With the open door of our home.
Your: all of us from "Kornat"

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Restaurant Kornat
Liburnska obala 6,
Zadar, Croatia

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